The Antichrist is Going to Make Fools Out of You: And He’s doing It Now!

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Last week I talked about “Pastor” Mark Burns, the ‘Dump surrogate’ who disrespected Secretary Hillary Clinton by putting out a tweet that was shameful for anyone especially, a so-called ‘man of God.’ Little did I know that I made a prophetic statement at the end of the piece by saying to him that he was “burnt” Low and behold, he certainly was. Hopefully, now he’s finished both on and off the stage. He played on for a deservingly short time as a clown in the Trump clown car.

In a few days after my piece ran, he was busted on national TV for being a serial liar just like his boss. He lied about his education (if you want to call it that). He lied about his military service, and he lied about his affiliation with a popular fraternity. When the facts were brought out to him, he was angry and embarrassed.  He actually walked out of the interview, even though it was conducted in his own church! The interviewer was left just sitting there.  He really got his comeuppance handed to him. I pray that Donald Dump gets his soon as well.

Everything about the Drumph campaign seems to be so bizarre — from lying Mark Burns to lying Kellyane Conway, to expert hate monger Steve Bannon to conspiracy madman Alex Jones, just to name a few who are a part of the Dump movement. One doesn’t have to be a political expert to see the bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, racism, and hate for anyone who is not like them. And to top it all off, the “nativism” and tribalism that is so obviously the fuel that drives all of this. But yet there are women, Latinos, and African Americans who seem to not care because they just hate Hillary, who will in fact be the next president. I just don’t get it.

If you ask some Black voters why they hate her so much, they will begin with Mrs. Clinton’s comment ten years ago, calling some to be “super predators,” which she apologized for.  But Dump has never apologized for anything. Next on the list is Bill Clinton’s 1994 bill, “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.” This bill contained an expansion of the federal death penalty to include drug offenses, the “Three Strikes, You’re Out” rule and billions in funding for police, prisons, and states that made it harder for people to get parole. Mr. Clinton neglected to mention this when he mentioned that most prisoners are incarcerated by the state.

But if Bill and Hillary Clinton were the pot, Black politicians, activists, and pastors were the kettle. Their support of punitive measures actually paved the way for Clinton. It began with the man Ebony Magazine called the “front-line general in the war on drugs,” Charles Rangel. –

So there you have it. All of this ballyhoo and hatred for Hillary is unwarranted. She wasn’t the one who made that decision. Many of US (Blacks) supported it at the time because crack, drugs and crime was affecting all of our communities in monumental proportions. Mrs. Clinton was not the president, her husband was. Mrs. Clinton was not the Black Caucus, they were, and she was as jacked-up as we all were during that fearful time. Ok? Don’t forget that.

Young people, particularly men who can’t accept a female as their leader, need to be truthfully taught about all of this, so they will be able to make informed decisions on who to vote for in November. But the problem is this: so many who can make a difference don’t read, listen, or exchange in meaningful dialogue with the truth tellers on any level because too many of us just don’t know. Too many of us are relying on the media to get our impressions. The media is all about making money, not bringing the truth in a vociferous and meaningful way. For the media, it’s all about first making money for themselves and that is truly disgusting.

The truth is that “Don the Con” IS the forerunner of the antichrist—Period! I just wonder where the real church is? Enough is enough. If we told the truth it would shame the devil!