Black Restaurant Week– Nashville Serves Up Heritage with No Crumb Left Behind Campaign

Nashville, TN (TN Tribune) – Black Restaurant Week, LLC, hosts its inaugural campaign in Nashville. The national culinary and cultural campaign celebrates the flavors of African American, African, and Caribbean cuisine with a regional showcase in Nashville. Black Restaurant Week is […]


Inside the Pandemic in India

NASHVILLE, TN– India is staggering from COVID-19. Officials say 2,000 people are dying every day. Funeral pyres are burning bodies around the clock and the actual daily death toll could be as high as 10,000. […]


Black Art Show Speaks on Current Matters

J’Lee Gales smiles during a selfie with Demario “Paco” Leggons.  Gales’ painting is behind them. Photo by Clint Confehr ‘Black Art Matters’ art show Celebrates Unity in Columbia, Tenn. By Clint Confehr COLUMBIA, TN — […]